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Comfort Zone - Model and Talent

Sweetgrass Photography services offers a comfort zone package for children and adults who have an interest in modeling and promotion.


Sweetgrass Photography Services will work with new models in order to assist in obtaining a comfort level with being in front of the camera. A modeling career for your future starts with being comfortable and knowing what you should or should not do when doing a portfolio session.


We have found that working with models before they actually begin their career is one of the most important factors in a successful future as a model.


Sweetgrass will set a schedule with model, parent/guardian for photo sessions for a period of choice either three (3), six (6), or twelve (12) months. Each model will have one photo session per month for each package. Your choice as to which package you choose. We will work with your schedule as well as ours in order to do a portrait session at different locations throughout the local community having different outfits and styles.

Your portfolio: Before you can begin a modeling career you need a portfolio that is what comfort zone is all about helping you to build your portfolio with images we have taken and have comfort in front of the camera. When you have completed your package and if you have that comfort level you can then move forward with your career and contact agencies and/or modeling firms to start your career.

Your Success: We Sweetgrass Photography do not and cannot guarantee you a career in modeling and/or acting however we can guarantee that you will/should be more comfortable and have the confidence to move forward on your own to establish a career should this be your goal.

Benefits: You will benefit by having the enjoyment and fun involved in having your photo sessions, images for your portfolio and personal use.

Packages: Each package will consist of the following listed below it is your choice as to which you choose to do three, six, or twelve month. All packages are due 50% fifty percent of package fee before first session starts balance due within sixty (60) days from first photo session. For twelve month package only arrangements for payments can be made (ask in advance before you sign your agreement). We schedule time away from other clients to do photo sessions therefore when you agree to a package and join our Comfort Zone under no circumstance will a refund be offered. All models are required to sign a model release form, Sweetgrasss will sign a release for clients to have images printed for personal use.

Per month you will receive the following in each package:

a) Personal photo session local area one time per month

b) CD of your full pixel size images

c) Some images professionally edited consisting of black/white, color, sepia, collages . Due to the quantity of images we take not all are edited however if you have images unedited when you receive your CD and want more edited we will be happy to assist in doing so.

d) Each session will consist of up to one (1) hour with one of our photographers.

e) 40-100 photos per session based on the amount of time we spend with you.

f) Anyone under the age of (18) eighteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult/guardian unless arrangements are made between the photographer and parent/guardian.

g) Model has a choice to bring up to three outfits per photo session . Different themes are recommended for each shoot . Fashion, glamour, sports, casual, fancy etc.

h) Please circle package fee below and return with your payment to Sweetgrass Photography services.

i) Total Package Fees:

a. Three (3) month package $100 mo. total package $300.00

b. Six (6) month package $ 85 mo. total package $510.00

c. Twelve (12) month package $ 65 mo total package $780.00

Said client/parent/guardian assumes responsibility for the following photography Comfort Zone package $_______________ due and payable per terms set above under package information. Client understands that under no circumstance will a refund be offered. Both parties client and Sweetgrass Photography Services enter into said agreement and agree to the best of their ability to abide by the terms in said agreement.

We look forward to providing you with a fun, exciting, and rewarding modeling experience!

Please contact us for details to schedule your Model/Talent session!

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